Açana Date Calculator
If you must calculate a date difference, now your can do this easily with «Açana Date Calculator». Set the first and the second date and click on "Calculate" - Thats all, now you get the date difference in Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds. You can also make an addition. Set the start date, the values for years, months, day, hours, minutes and seconds and you get the new date.
  • Set date with a click on the month on the calendar
  • Set date/time with direct input
  • Set date/time with up and down field
  • Set date with drag and drop
  • Buttons to set the date to now
  • Set time by pick a pointer on the clock and rotate it
  • Set AM/PM with a click on the clock
  • Calculates the date difference/addition automatically
  • Copy all or selected date difference/addition to the clipboard
  • Share the date difference/addition on mail, messages, twitter or Facebook
  • Save as TXT file
  • Save as PDF file
  • Suport macOS Dark Mode
  • Support Touch Bar
«Açana Date Calculator» is also available for iOS