App Release Tracker
With «App Release Tracker» you can manage your software releases, bug reports und feature request.
  • Add application per drag and drop
  • Manage different software releases
  • Date send to AppStore®
  • Date released on AppStore®
  • Platform (iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, Windows)
  • Source folder
  • Unlimited count of bug reports per software release
  • Unlimited count of feature requests per software release
  • Bug report und feature request with these features
    • Automatic generation of a unique ID
    • Status (Open, Hold, Closed)
    • Application release
    • Created on (Date, time)
    • Last change on (Date, time)
    • Customer (Name, first name, e-mail)
    • Send E-Mail to customer (with all parameters from bug reports or feature request)
    • Description
    • Unlimited count of attachments
    • Manage customer (add, edit and delete)
    • Show bug reports and feature request per customer