Clean Media
Removed the macOS specific hidden files from the external USB/Firewire drives (must using USB drives enabled explicitly on the settings) or SD-Cards, if these are to be used with other operating systems. Now with support for macOS notifications. Clean Media recognizes the file system on the media automatically. For the full support of NTFS, you need additional software, otherwise CleanMedia can not delete the unnecessary Mac files. Here, the available software for NTFS support on your Mac.
  • Show messages in notification center
  • Clean following files/folders from external media (USB-Stick, SD-Card, ext. HDD)
    • .Spotlight-V100
    • .Trashes
    • ._.Trashes
    • .fseventsd
    • TrueDelete
    • .apdisk
    • .TemporaryItems
    • ._.*
    • .DS_Store
    • Optional cleaning
    • .vbt5
    • Thumbs.db
    • Clean your own files/folders
  • you can add unlimited filenames or folder names that should also deleted on the cleaning process
  • Automatically remove media after cleaning process
  • Automatically protection against accidental cleaning of system disk, HFS- and HFS+ disks
  • Detection of read-only media
  • Support for macOS dark mode
Release 1.6.3 until macOS 10.12.x
Release 2.5.0 for macOS 10.13.x
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