Home Contents Manager
«Home Contents Manager» managing your home contents. You can manage all insured valuables. For each object you can add unlimited attachments (sales receipt, invoice, etc.). All data can be saved by clicking on an external drive. You can store this disk in a different place (for example in the locker of the Bank or at the parents home). Thus you have exercised in the event of damage detection of all insured items and can at your house insurance of real value. Without proof of purchase your insurance reimbursed only lump sums.
  • Enter your insurance data Contract number
  • Started on (date)
  • Insurance sum
  • Insured object
  • Address of insurance provider
  • Link to homepage or portal of insurance provider
  • Name, phone, mobile phone, and email address of insurance agent
  • Add all insured objects Name
    • Product
    • Serial number
    • Price
    • Date of purchase
    • Product photo
    • Manufacturer
    • Bought at
    • Category
    • Remark
  • unlimited categories
  • simply assign or change the category by drag and drop
  • Managing favorites
  • automatic warning of underinsurance
  • graphical overview
  • export all data as CSV file (for import in Excel®, LibreOffice® etc.)
  • export all data as Excel XLSX file
  • import data from CSV file
  • Backup all data incl. CSV file on external storage (USB stick or cloud drive)