My Brewery for iOS
«My Brewery» shows a variety of breweries around the world. It contains large also major breweries, groups and small local breweries. Other breweries can be easily added. All Data will be saved locally on your device.
  • Lists breweries worldwide
  • List breweries by country
  • Automatic categorization by country
  • Search for breweries (all or per country)
  • Search for breweries by kind of beer
  • Add, edit and delete breweries
  • Management of the parent company
  • Management of subsidiary companies
  • Add, edit and delete brands
  • Add, edit and delete kind
  • Manage favorites
  • Add unlimited brand to each brewery
  • Add unlimited beer varieties to each brand
  • Show brewery in cards
  • Call the brewery
  • Share the brewery with friends
  • Import brewery with the sharing feature
The following details can be defined for each brewery:
  • Name
  • Founding year
  • Road/Street
  • ZIP code
  • Location
  • County
  • Country
  • Homepage
  • Phone number
  • Parent company
  • Add brands to brewery
  • Add kind to brands
«My Brewery» is also available for macOS
If you would brew your own beer, click here