Açana QR Code Generator Lite
This app generates a QR code from any string and save it as a PNG file in different sizes.
  • Save as PNG file
  • Drag and Drop to any folder in Finder
  • Drag and Drop to any application
  • Copy QR Code to the clipboard
  • Available sizes for "Save as PNG", "Drag and Drop" or "Copy to clipboard":
    • 1024x1024 pixel
    • 800x800 pixel
    • 600x600 pixel
    • 512x512 pixel
    • 256x256 pixel
    • 128x128 pixel
    • 96x96 pixel
    • 64x64 pixel
    • 48x48 pixel
    • 32x32 pixel
    • 24x24 pixel
    • 16x16 pixel
  • Support Retina Display
  • Support Dark Mode