Are you feeling not so well? You want a shelf on the wall screws, go to the basement, open the tool cabinet and find that the drill is not there. Whom I have borrowed it? Or do you want view on a rainy day your favorite movie on DvD or Blu-ray, but the DvD is not on the shelf. Whom have I the loan? That is now over, thanks «Back2Me».
  • Details window moved into the main window
  • Preview item picture
  • Open and edit item picture
  • Add item picture with macOS media browser
  • Add item picture with macOS picture taker and camera
  • Search item picture on Google®
  • Copy item picture
  • Paste item picture
  • Share item with all macOS sharing services
  • Add unlimited attachments
  • Add item location
  • New field for "bought at"
  • New field for "Purchase price"
  • New date field for "Bought on"