Brewing Recipes
All 215 «Open Source Brewing Recipes» from «Brewdog PLC» with basic information, equipment list and brewing tips. With these recipes you can brew your own beer.
Information from Brewdog:
Many of the classic BrewDog beers were developed during our early days and we still use a home brewing 50L system to develop new beers and new recipes here at BrewDog. Home brewing is very much ingrained in our DNA at BrewDog as so many of the world’s great craft breweries can trace their origins back to home brewing.
With DIY Dog we wanted to do something that has never been done before as well as paying tribute to our home brewing roots. We wanted to take all of our recipes, every single last one, and give them all away for free, to the amazing global home brewing community.
We have always loved the sharing of knowledge, expertise and passion in the craft beer community and we wanted to take that spirit of collaboration to the next level.
So here it is. The keys to our kingdom. Every single BrewDog recipe, ever. So copy them, tear them to pieces, bastardise them, adapt them and most of all enjoy them.
They are well-travelled but with plenty of miles still left on the clock. Just remember to share your brews, and your results. Sharing is caring.
Oh, and if you are from one of the global beer mega corporations and you are reading this, your computer will spontaneously combust, James Bond style, any second now.
So leave the building immediately and seriously consider your life choices.