Acana ZIP Code Finder
With «Acana ZIP Code Finder» you can find (almost) all zip codes worldwide. With a simple double-click, you can copy the postal code and place into the clipboard.
• Find place and ZIP code by name
• Find place and ZIP code by coordinates
• Find ZIP code and city by name
• Find city by ZIP code
• Automatic relation to the map  for each place / city
• Copy ZIP Code, City and other parameters to the clipboard
• Share zip code, city and map with your friends
• Full Screen support
• Dark Mode support
• Retina Display support
• Export all Data as CSV file
• Export all Data as Excel® XLSX file
• Get these parameters when find a zip code:
  • Name
  • Locality
  • Sub Locality
  • Thoroughfare
  • Administrative Area
  • County
  • ZIP
  • Country
  • Address County
  • Address Country Code
  • Address Sub Locality
  • Address State
  • Address Street
  • Address ZIP
  • Address Name
  • Address Thoroughfare
  • Address Address Formatted
  • Address Country
  • Address City
  • Areas Of Interest
  • ISO Country Code
  • Region Latitude
  • Region Longitude
  • Region Radius
  • Location Latitude
  • Location Longitude
«Acana ZIP Code Finder» is also available for iOS
For more informationen read the Help Book.